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Customized Training and Nutrition Program         

  • Comprehensive customized programming delivered weekly
  • Full access to our custom Renaissance Physique app with many awesome features including: Instructional videos, workout tracking, ability to track measurements and progress photos,
  • Bi Weekly check ins from your coach to discuss any changes to your training plan
  • Personalized nutrition plan based on your goals (weight loss, increasing lean body mass, etc…) with full macronutrient and calorie recommendations including a 30 minute initial consultation
  • Auto renew, cancel anytime!  

6 Week Functional Hypertrophy Course                                               $199

  • A one time purchase designed for trainers and gym owners
  • This program is designed to run concurrently with a group class membership or other conditioning workouts done during the week
  • Full breakdown of the workouts
  • Instructional videos for all movments
  • Verbiage for promtional material and landing page
  • 30 minute call with Bill Shiffler to review launch the program